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There are no ethics committees...

... in space

My tombstone will say:

"Actually, she wanted to be cremated."
abundance, adventure, all things japanese, ambidexterity, antarctica, astronomy, asynchronicity, bangladesh, beijos beijinhos e beijocas, being in transit, biosemiotics (everything is alive), bird watching, bizarre policies, blogging as metanarrative, brevity, bø i telemark, chaos theory, cognitive resonance (cf dissonance), compound prepositions, critical historiography, dada, dead languages, der zeitgeist, electronic sentience, exquisite sadness, fairytales and folk stories, faith, fallacies of ambiguity, fearlessness, feminist outrage, fostering my better instincts, freudian typos, fyresdal, gardening, going off on tangents, graph theory, gratitude, growing up, gvarv, hanging out at kinokuniya, hitting ctrl-z, honiara, hope, human rights, hyperbole, implausible truths, india, inexorability, infinity, inscrutability, inter- and intra-subjectivity, joy, just listening, kastom, learning by osmosis, lepidoptera, lifjell, linguistics, literary devices, love/kill bots, lucid dreaming, ludwig josef johann wittgenstein, lunde, macro anti-experiments, magical realism, making axiomatic declarations, making things up, massively distributed collaboration, melanesia, metacommunicative competence, mine kjære venner, misusing-hyphens, möbius strips, naïve realism, nepal, new york city, nicofeinohol, non-linear narrative, norge, norsk, objets trouvés, obscurity, onomatopoeia, other people's interests, paris, people named frances, perspicuity, pijin, plausible untruths, points of confluence, poodles, prague, pre- and post-irony, pretending to be norwegian, quantum entanglement, reckless honesty, reducing my ecological footprint, religion and religiosity, retro-futurism, rhetorical tautology, samsara, saving keystrokes, saving the world, scandinavia, secret acts of kindness, seljord, skiføre i fjellet, social entrepreneurship, social justice, solitude, solomon islands, subverting the dominant paradigm, swimming in the ocean, taming the pareto frontier, tantebarn, telemark, the other, the plenitude principle, the rule of law, the tenuousness of being, the vicissitudes of life, the world saving me, transcendental temptation, unexpected friendships, unidirectional time travel, unifying theories of everything, untenable hypotheses, urban unplanning, voracious media scanning, walking along hypotenuses, watching people (possibly you), weather patterns, what-happened-nextism, whimsy, wordless storytelling, writing in cafés, writing unfilmable screenplays, zero-one law, ø, ,